Accurate, informative illustration helps tell stories about things that cannot be seen, such as the very small, the very far, the past, or processes. Digital painting and 3D modeling are core assets that translate easily into a variety of media platforms, including print for books, large format murals, interactives and video.


Infographics are critical tools for clarifying complex data into stories with a strong narrative and visual clarity. Whether bar charts, network diagrams, or complex exploded views and cutaways, we are expert in doing them all.


Short videos explain tough concepts, especially for non-experts. We have tackled many topics, including brain mapping, life in the age of dinosaurs, and the science of soap.

We Are Your Turnkey Solution

No matter what story you’re trying to tell, or who your audience is, Science Visualization has the experience to take your project from start to finish.

We Can Show You How

Looking to help your staff understand how to communicate complex ideas more effectively? We have developed an array of visual storytelling workshops including Visual Storytelling for Science, Visual Storytelling for Business, and Visual Storytelling for Primary Research.


National Geographic

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


Hong Kong Museum of Science

Georgia National Museum

InterAmerican Development Bank

American Cleaning Institute

The Aspen Institute

The Maryland Institute College of Art

Florida State University

The Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington, DC

The Kavli Institute

Christopher Sloan

Christopher Sloan is an art director, designer and illustrator who has spent the majority of his career telling visual stories about science to lay audiences. He specializes in using new technology to tell those stories.

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