About Us

Science Visualization

Christopher Sloan is an expert in taking complex data and creating dynamic information visualizations for audiences of all ages and levels of expertise. Chris is the former Chief Art Director of National Geographic Magazine and has deep expertise in business and finance through past work with organizations including Kiplinger and Financial Executives Institute.

Through Science Visualization, Chris pursues his love of working with researchers and media professionals to inform and educate the public about science, technology, engineering, mathematics, business, and the natural world.

A particular strength is helping clients think though how to economically leverage content for integration into multiple media platforms while keeping a strong focus on great visual storytelling. Taking a customer-first focus, Chris works closely with clients to help them understand the increasingly diverse array of visualizations options available to them and to develop a strategy that supports their desired outcome.

Why Science Visualization is Different

A key difference between Science Visualization and other companies is that we can deliver content on multiple platforms as a way of realizing cost savings for clients. For example, the same visual and editorial assets created for a video can easily be used on a website or in a brochure. Science Visualization is one of the few companies with the breadth of experience required to deliver high quality at low prices across the wide spectrum of media possibilities. Our history of working with numerous satisfied high-end clients sets us apart from other companies with less experience.



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