About Us

Science Visualization

Christopher Sloan, former Chief Art Director of National Geographic Magazine started Science Visualization in 2010 to help provide the science community with the tools they need to communicate to the public in an increasingly complex media landscape. The company does not specialize in any particular media, but instead embraces a transmedia approach, encouraging clients to take advantage of multiple media options, such as video, websites, and print, for any project. The reason is that technology has created a convergence of media software that permits the creation of economical visual storytelling in a variety of formats and for a variety of different contexts. Sloan consults with clients regarding their needs and provides everything from workshops to full creative direction and production.

Why Science Visualization is Different

A key difference between Science Visualization and other companies is that we can deliver content on multiple platforms as a way of realizing cost savings for clients. For example, the same visual and editorial assets created for a video can easily be used on a website or in a brochure. Science Visualization is one of the few companies with the breadth of experience required to deliver high quality at low prices across the wide spectrum of media possibilities. Our history of working with numerous satisfied high-end clients sets us apart from other companies with less experience.


National Geographic

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


Hong Kong Museum of Science

Georgia National Museum

InterAmerican Development Bank

American Cleaning Institute

The Aspen Institute

The Maryland Institute College of Art

Florida State University

The Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington, DC

The Kavli Institute

Christopher Sloan

Christopher Sloan is an art director, designer and illustrator who has spent the majority of his career telling visual stories about science to lay audiences. He specializes in using new technology to tell those stories.



Make your next science communication effort a success by contacting Chris Sloan at Science Visualization at chris.sloan@sciencevisualization.com.