Visual Storytelling for Science

Researchers today face a particularly difficult challenge, which is that the landscapes of both science and communication are exceedingly complex.

Science Visualization was created to help scientists overcome the communications barrier. Our specialty in this regard is visual storytelling. If you have a story that needs to get out, but requires great visuals in order to communicate the idea clearly, that’s where we come in.

No matter what sort of visual storytelling you need, we can do it. We’ve created and produced everything from information graphics and illustrations to videos, websites and exhibitions for some of the most demanding of clients.

If you’ve spent years on research that the world needs to hear about, don’t give it short shrift when it comes to rolling it out to your peers or to the public. Contact us to discuss how we can help your message have the impact it deserves.




The images on this Home Page were created, from upper left in clockwise order, by Kees Veenenbos, Chris Sloan, Ricky Lim, Ricky Lim, Chris Sloan and Chris Sloan.